European Parliament elections: It's about Europe, it's about you!

Joint press release of APRODEV, CSC of CEC, CCME and Eurodiaconia

“The elections to the European Parliament are an opportunity to discuss our vision of the Union as a community which promotes a just, participatory and sustainable world in which each person can live in dignity, fulfil his/her potential and live free from poverty,” was the message of the event on 4 March in the European Parliament co-organised by APRODEV, Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe, Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) and Eurodiaconia and hosted by MEP Edit Bauer (EPP group, from Slovakia) and Catherine Stihler (S& D group, from the UK).

The Ecumenical partners presented their election leaflet “It’s about Europe, it’s about you“ and the website www.ecumenicalvoices2014.eu.

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Climate Change talks - APRODEV / ACT Alliance final press release from COP 19

Climate Talks Lost and Damaged in Warsaw, says ACT Alliance.

Positions of APRODEV and the ACT Alliance for the climate change negotiations at COP 19 in Warsaw in November 2013 can be found here.

The Role of DFIs in Land Grabs

APRODEV Policy Brief, May 2013, that looks at the involvement of DFIs in investments where land grabs have been reported and analysis the internal guidelines of DFIs to assess whether sufficient safeguards are in place to guard against involvement in land grabs. Read the policy brief:   The Role of European Development Finance Institutions in Land Grabs -

Religion & Development - A Discussion Paper

The relation between development and religion has become a hot issue during the past ten years or so. For a long time, not much attention was given to the topic as some in the secularising ‘West’ predicted that the role of religion in society would fade away, while it was a non-issue in the South where no separation is made between development and religion which permeates all realms of life.

However, the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC constituted a turning point as many in the West started to realise that, for better or for worse, religion does play a role in society.            Read more ...

Agriculture Research in Africa: Why CAADP should follow IAASTD

APRODEV and PELUM Association briefing analyzes the agricultural research policies of the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme and the extent to which they address the needs of marginalized smallholder farmers. CAADP has a huge opportunity to promote good agricultural research by following the findings of the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development. However, CAADP is largely not following the IAASTD roadmap. READ MORE

Stolen Land Stolen Future

An APRODEV report on land grabbing in Cambodia: Investment in large-scale plantations and concessions frequently increases food insecurity for the poor and violates their rights.

CAP reform must contribute to climate justice and sustainability

The new APRODEV CAP Lobby Brief 7 - Mitigating GHG emissions and promoting sustainable agriculture highlights that climate change mitigation is part of the international responsibility of the EU Common Agricultural Policy and calls for the CAP reform to define objectives and targets to contribute to sustainability and to Green House Gas emission cuts.  This can be achieved by existing and new agricultural practices like closing nutrient cycles, improving crop rotation, cultivation of protein crops, research in agro-ecological approaches, etc.
APRODEV has published a series of CAP lobby briefs looking at (1) International responsibility of CAP, (2) Trade Defence Measures, (3) Preventing dumping, (4) EU imports of animal feed, (5) Standards and (6) Indexation of direct payments and (7) Mitigating GHG emissions and promoting sustainable agriculture. Read more and download lobby briefs


The Joint Submission by APRODEV and ACT Alliance to the Rio+20 Zero Draft highlights concerns on green economy, global governance in relation to sustainable development and food security. It also addresses the debate about continuation of Millennium Development Goals and possible future Sustainability Development Goals.


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